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I’ll be releasing a new hat within the week, and the fabulous thing about this hat is that it’s going to be available in many sizes! 

A Despicable Me - Minion Beanie! 
The hat will be available in the following sizes:

It will be available with the variation of 1 eyeball, or two. 

I will have images up hopefully within the coming week! I’m so excited for this pattern, as I have been asked by several people if I were able to make these hats, and now I finally am! 

I’ll make a proper announcement when the hats are available for order! 


(via 100 BFL Fingering 4 ply Yarn SW 100 gms 437 by KinfolkYarnandFibre)

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Hi everyone! My job hunt still continues, and I’m hoping to hear back from a potential opportunity, but in the mean time I could use all the help I can get. 

Right now I’m saving money to make a massive change, and actually start my life. 

I need to raise $4,000 to afford all my expenses, cover my butt, afford changing my citizenship, and fly myself and belongings(quite literally) across the country in to another country. I have a button on this blog for donations(USD only), and hats for sale in my store(USD only). 

If all you can afford doing is reblog this post to help someone in need, that would be wonderful. 

All “profit” from my store goes directly in to my savings. Even just a dollar would help! 

Right now, from my current sales, I’ve earned 100$! I’m fighting hard to get the money that I need to move as soon as I possibly can. So again, if you could only just reblog this to get the word out to anyone who could possibly help me out, that would be so wonderful. I can’t wait to move out and start my new life with the person I love so dearly and can be with on a legal basis. 

Thank you everyone!


I haven’theard back from Radioshack yet, unfortunately, but I just got word that I might be getting a HUGE order! 

11 Beanies! I don’t know for sure yet if this is going to go through, but if it does, this will also bring a new option to more store. :) Here’s for hoping! 


New yarn! Pigeonroof Studios. (electric rose and sherbert)

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Jocelyn, you are gorgeous!!! #yarn #yarnporn


Crochenit Scarf Free Pattern

Material: Black and white yarn, Nr 3 = light, about 100 g each; double-ended crochet hook size 8 mm

Note: If You are not familiar with at least Tunesian crochet, see corresponding tutorials at youtube first.

First Wedge

With black yarn chain 24 and pick up 23 more loops on the hook = 24 loops. Now move the loops to the other end of the hook and turn it around. With the white yarn Tunesian Simple Stitch (TTS) until the end of the row. Then pick up only 21 white loops again while leaving out the last three black bars of the very first row. Again move the loops to the other end and turn the hook. Use the white yarn to TTS until the end of the row.

Continue this way until three stitches are left over, working short rows only while picking up loops with the white yarn (see left picture). At this point You “go down the stairs” and simply pick up again all the loops left out in the former rows (right picture). Now You’ve got 24 loops again for the next wedge.

Second Wedge

Here comes the only tricky part of this pattern. For the second wedge the direction of the short rows turns, meaning they are now worked while picking up loops with the black yarn = the last three white bars are left out (see last picture).

After reaching the disired length, end with a “first wedge”. Then pick up all loops again with the white yarn as if to start another “second wedge”. Work a last black back row and instead of picking up new loops in the following row slip stitch until the edge = normal Tunesian bind-off.


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Today’s Crush Yarn by Nooch Fiber.

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You are not weak, you are not dumb, and you are not selfish- for being a normal human being. Don’t put yourself down for these things!


Hurricane DK #handdyed #yarn #wingsandroots

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