Not yet masterful with the cutest of crochet babies. But I’m working on something special here.

I’m kinda bummed his nose slits is more like a super happy face. Hmm. Only one ear done.

Either way he’s a cutie. The smaller crochet hook work is seriously brutal on my fingers.

» Another Great Day

Sitting outside and working on more hats. Crocheting out in this beautiful weather. 

Nice breeze, now and then the sun peeks out of the clouds, and the soft sounds of different birds and other animals in the distance. 

New Summer and Spring Spiral Slouch Beanie! This one features soft Aran cream colored yarn, and a brilliant Hunter pattern for the brim! I am in love with this beautiful hat!

This hat has 1 in stock and can be made to order! Only 15$ and it can be modified with ears!

Things I love about tonight. 

Such a good night. 

New Summer and Spring Spiral slouch beanie! This hat can also be modified with ears, and comes in the buyers choice for color.

Soft, open, and super awesome! It’s a hat really made for all year around! I’ve fallen in love with it myself!

Come commission today! Only 5 commission spots open and they could go fast with this adorable new item! Get a spot while you can!



From our friend Crochet Me Lovely 

Aw <3

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Apologizing for the bad photo quality. Hot Red is a difficult color to take a picture of for my phone.

This is a new pattern for my spring hats I’ll be debuting once I have this one and another all done!




Hurry now! There are only two spots open for commissions, and three spots open for reserves! 

If your’e interseted in buying a hat, or a little trinket such as a little amigurumi clam or snail, hit my ask box!

Once the commissions spots are taken, it’s going to be about a month before they’re open again! My blog has all the pages available for you to check out information about what I sell. 

That’s two cute spring babies complete. :3 snails!

03/28 - Only five commissions spots are open.
03/28 - Comissions OPEN
03/28 - Dr-Rukia hats are shipped.
03/17 - 2/3 Hats Done. Commissions opening soon.
03/11 - Dr Rukia hats in process
03/11 - Commissions Closed
03/11 - Whitehaireddragon hat shipped