My preordered yarn from The Lemonade Shop came today, along with my two darling little stitch markers. Sock weight in the Stormy Day color way. It’s my first skein of a merino blend, and it is just heavenly. I cannot wait to get some socks cast on for myself. I did a bit of a test swatch, and it’s a dream to knit. So thrilled! Check out Lemonade Shop on Etsy!

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This is important!

Fellow makers, do not undersell yourself. Your time, effort, experience level, and creative designing is worth a lot more than something made by a machine and sold in a retail chain store.

I think many of us keep this in mind but still sell for a lot less than what our work is worth, myself included. Let’s try to bring awareness to the non-stitchers!

When we are making a plush, scarf, sweater, hat, gloves, or anything else to sell, we take into consideration the materials and the time spent to make the article. But we are also using our years of experience (a school teacher working for 15 years is going to deserve and earn more than a  teacher right out of college). We also often design patterns - more time and creative effort. 

Yarn creators really do put love in every stitch - the love of our craft and making something especially for our customers. It’s difficult to put a price on it, and it’s certainly not going to be cheap. Please understand.

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Glowstick, now available at Cold Springs Creations

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Nebula, now available at Cold Springs Creations

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if being 100% gay is playing for the other team then i’d like to imagine being pansexual as playing for every team. you just sort of run around between the in and outfields juggling the extra balls and sit a couple innings in the audience eating a hotdog and eventually everyone starts to question whether you even know how to play baseball or not

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Cute, handmade goodies to keep your heads warm this winter while looking even more adorable! 

There has been a drop in prices!

Enjoy these new prices, because they may not stay this way once I’ve moved! :) 

Once I have moved, all shipping prices will have a major change, and US will no long get flat rate priority! Get it while you can folks! I’m going to be Canada bound on October 22nd!